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Vietnamese Military Terms

Download the PDF of 13 pages of Vietnamese Military Terms


KBC Numbers

KBC (Khu Buu Chinh) numbers, or military postal distribution codes (representing postal zones) were used to route mail to South Vietnamese troops while obscuring units and locations from the enemy, similar to those used by American APOs (Army Post Offices). Each Republic of Viet-Nam military unit was assigned a four-digit KBC number, that was sometimes shared by other units. Some KBCs remained in one location while others moved with the troops. Many South Vietnamese military documents, mail, uniforms, certificates, and awards with KBC were destroyed by soldiers and their families trying to avoid long terms in re-education or concentration camps. Commissioned officers and members of elite units such as the Rangers, Marines or Airborne units were especially at risk for persecution. Many of those who fled the country had their documents confiscated upon arrival in another country. Recently, an official KBC record came to light that lists all KBC numbers, with locations and units served. This document is in the process of being updated based on this document. KBC Numbers


Comprehensive CD-ROM Available

Thanks to President Richard Aspnes, a comprehensive CD-ROM is available to SICP members with a complete run of SICP print publications. In total, the collection comprises over 3,700 pages, being ICP whole number 1 through 183, years 1971 through 2008 inclusive. Included on the CD are all the indexes published during that period, as well as the two comprehensive indexes prepared by Andrew Crenshaw, and Ken Thompson. These two indexes are hyper-linked to the specific ICP, so navigation from index to specific publication is easy.

Each document is stored in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) in a black and white resolution of 600 dpi. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) was automatically performed on each scanned document, and all are completely word and phrase searchable, either individually, or globally.

To obtain your copy of the CD-ROM, please send $50.00 plus postage ($2.00 domestic or $4.00 foreign) to:

Ron Bentley - Editor / Executive Secretary
2600 North 24th Street
Arlingon, VA 22207

CD-ROM: The Revenues of Viet-Nam (Currently OUT OF PRINT)

An electronic catalog providing catalog numbers and prices for all known local and national revenue issues of Viet-Nam is now available. This is destined to become the standard reference for Vietnamese revenues. Copies are available for $20 plus postage. Half of the proceeds benefit an orphanage in Hue, Viet-Nam.

Download Password Protected Copies (password will be needed)
Indo-China Revenue Stamp Catalog
Appendix A Duston Laos Catalog
Appendix B Pecule Stamps on Cover
Appendix C Viet Nam Regions

Questions about the catalog:
Ordering Information (currently OUT OF PRINT): Ron Bentley

CD-ROM: Vietnamese Military Mail (Currently OUT OF PRINT)

High-quality scans of Joe Cartafalsa's 10-frame exhibit on Vietnamese Military Mail have been transferred to CD-ROM. Click here for a write up about the CD. Click here for a sample exhibit page (425k). The CD-ROM is available for purchase from Ron Bentley. Price is $20 postage paid in the US; $24 to other countries.

Exhibit Information:
Ordering Information (currently OUT OF PRINT): Ron Bentley

CD-ROM / Book: Commemorative Postal Markings of French Indo-china, Viet-Nam, Cambodia and Laos until 1976

This two-CD set lists and illustrates hundreds upon hundreds of commemorative markings including First Day Covers, handstamps, special cancels, souvenir cards, maximum cards, souvenir sheets, etc. This comprehensive tome is a must-have for FDC collectors as well as anyone with an interest in South East Asia philately. Price is $45 on CD-ROM or $150 printed in full color.

Contact: Richard Aspnes

L'Indochine Française dans la tourmente (1940-1955+)

SICP member Jean Goanvic notified me about the new World War II addition to his web site. Created by a true historian, it is difficult to say whether the site is a historical site with strong philatelic underpinnings or it is a philatelic web site with strong historical underpinnings. In either case, for its depth and breadth, it is a “must see” for the entire SICP membership at: and click on L'Indochine Française dans la tourmente (1940-1955+). Jean’s work shows how a niche of Indochinese postal history can be developed into a comprehensive study with many dimensions. Jean welcomes comments and corrections

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