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Author & Keyword/Title Index - 1971-2009
A comprehensive 40-page index of The Indo-China Philatelist is now available to members of SICP. Every issue of ICP from 1971 to 2009 (Whole Numbers 1-190) is included in the index. The document is actually divided into two separate indexes. The first index is an alphabetical list based on author's name followed by the article title and the issue of The Indo-China Philatelist (in bold print) followed by a hyphen with the starting page number of the article. In general, each article is listed on a separate line. The second index is a rearrangement and expansion of the author index. Again alphabetical, it lists the same entries by the title. Oft times the first word of a title does not convey much information about the article's content. Hence, the titles were, in many cases, rearranged so that a key word appears first. As a result, many articles appear more than once in the Keyword/Title Index. In addition to listing by keyword, having this document in electronic form allows the user to search for specific terms, something not possible in the old paper-only world. SICP owes a great debt of gratitude to Ken Thompson who single-handedly compiled this significant document. It will serve researchers and casual readers alike for many years to come.

The latest issues of the Indo-china Philatelist may be downloaded via the links at the bottom of this page. This electronic version of the newsletter is in PDF format, which requires the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to be installed on your computer.

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Journal Issues

Author & Keyword/Title Index - 1971-2009 (No Password Needed)
ICP145.pdf ICP146.pdf ICP147.pdf ICP148.pdf ICP149.pdf
ICP150.pdf ICP151.pdf ICP152.pdf ICP153.pdf ICP154.pdf
ICP155.pdf ICP156.pdf ICP157.pdf ICP158.pdf ICP159.pdf
ICP160.pdf ICP161.pdf ICP162.pdf ICP163.pdf ICP164.pdf
ICP165.pdf ICP166.pdf ICP167.pdf ICP168.pdf ICP169.pdf
ICP170.pdf ICP171.pdf ICP172.pdf ICP173.pdf ICP174.pdf
ICP175.pdf ICP176.pdf ICP177.pdf ICP178.pdf ICP179.pdf
ICP180.pdf ICP181.pdf ICP182.pdf ICP183.pdf ICP184.pdf
ICP185.pdf ICP186.pdf ICP187.pdf ICP188.pdf ICP189.pdf
ICP190.pdf ICP191.pdf ICP192.pdf ICP193.pdf ICP194.pdf
ICP195.pdf ICP196.pdf ICP197.pdf ICP198.pdf ICP199.pdf
ICP200.pdf ICP201.pdf ICP202.pdf ICP203.pdf ICP204.pdf
ICP205.pdf ICP206.pdf ICP207.pdf ICP208.pdf ICP209.pdf
ICP210.pdf ICP211.pdf ICP212.pdf ICP213.pdf ICP214.pdf
ICP215.pdf ICP216.pdf ICP217.pdf ICP218.pdf ICP219.pdf
ICP220.pdf ICP221.pdf ICP222.pdf ICP223.pdf ICP224.pdf
ICP225.pdf ICP226.pdf ICP227.pdf ICP228.pdf ICP229.pdf
ICP230.pdf ICP231.pdf ICP232.pdf ICP233.pdf ICP234.pdf
ICP235.pdf ICP236.pdf ICP237.pdf ICP238.pdf ICP239.pdf
ICP240.pdf ICP241.pdf ICP242.pdf ICP243.pdf ICP244.pdf
ICP245.pdf ICP246.pdf ICP247.pdf ICP248.pdf ICP249.pdf
ICP250.pdf ICP251.pdf ICP252.pdf ICP253.pdf ICP254.pdf
ICP255.pdf ICP256.pdf ICP257.pdf ICP258.pdf ICP259.pdf
ICP260.pdf ICP261.pdf ICP262.pdf ICP263.pdf ICP264.pdf

Specialized Studies

PTT Service in Indochina Non Postal Labels
Legal Basis of Indochina's Postal System Kouang-Tcheou-Wan
North Viet-Nam LKV Ho Chi Minh Stamps
1904 Postal Guide 1904 Postal Guide Appendices
Stamped Revenue Paper Catalog  

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