Postmarks of Major Towns
(added 02/03/2020) by Ron Bentley)
Madagascar UPU Specimens from Indochina and the French Indochinese Offices (26 pages, 14 MB) (added 12/28/2019)
by Dr. Edward J.J. Grabowski

Postmarks Of Indochina's Railroads (138 pages, 14 MB) (added 05/28/2019)
by Ron Bentley

Viet Minh Issues (86 pages, 15 MB) (added 05/28/2019)
by Ron Bentley

The Era of the Indochina Group Type - Postal History
(added September 2018) by Edward Grabowski

Navigation And Commerce
(added 31 August 2018) by Ron Bentley

Indochinese Culture Issues
(added 07 March 2018) by Ron Bentley

Pre-War Semi-Postals and Commemoratives
(added 14 October 2017) by Ron Bentley

War Orphans (1 MB)
Colonial Exposition (2 MB)
Emperor Bao Dai (3 MB)
King Monivong (3 MB)
Paris International Exposition (4 MB)
Trans-Indochina Railway (4 MB)
Curies (1 MB)
New York World’s Fair (1 MB)
Golden Gate Exposition (2 MB)
Anniversary of French Revolution (1 MB)

Angkor Dragon Postage dues
(added 8 August 2017) by Ron Bentley

Dragon Original Issue (3 MB)
Dragon Local Currency (3 MB)
Dragon Overprints (3 MB)

Annam-Tonkin Expeditionary Corps (1883-1904)
(added March 11, 2017) by Ron Bentley

Part 1 Military Postmarks (3 MB)
Part 2 Expeditionary Corps Mails (2MB)
Part 3 Military Cachets (1 MB)
Part 4 Kouang Tcheou Wan and Cambodia (1 MB)

Grasset (1904-07)
by Ron Bentley

Grasset Stamps (2 MB)
Grasset Postmarks (4 MB)
Grasset Covers (5 MB)
Grasset Stationery (2 MB)

Native Scenes (1927-31)
by Ron Bentley

Native Scenes Stamps (3 MB)
Native Scenes Postmarks (5 MB)
Native Scenes Covers (9 MB)
Native Scenes Stationery (7 MB)
Native Scenes KTW Issues (1 MB)
Native Scenes Postage Dues (2 MB)

Vichy World War II (1940-45)
by Ron Bentley

Introduction (1 MB)
Angkor Wat and Marshall Petain (1 MB)
Coronation of Norodom Sihanouk (1 MB)
Royalty of Annam, Cambodia and Laos (4 MB)
Marshal Petain (8 MB)
Admirals (4 MB)
Explorers (5 MB)
Governors-General (5 MB)
Missionaries (3 MB)
Fairs and Ceremonies (2 MB)
Patriotism (2 MB)
Alexandre Yersin (2 MB)

Semi-Postal Stamps
by Ron Bentley

Famous Aviators (2 MB)
University City (1 MB)
National Relief (4 MB)
Cathedral of Orleans (1 MB)
Defense and Welfare Funds (1 MB)
French State Postage Dues (1 MB)


This exhibition introduces some train stations and railroads built in Vietnam under Indochine period during the time 1881-1936 through postcards and used covers with train postmarks.
by Ngo Viet Vinh

Markings that Moved the Mail in Indochina (added 03/27/2016)
Postal Markings Part 1 (Postage & Delivery) (55 pages)
Postal Markings Part 2 (Handling) (30 pages)
Postal Markings Part 3 (Registration & Insurance) (49 pages)
Postal Markings Part 4 (Meters & Expedited) (39 pages)
Postal Markings Part 5 (Airmail Handstamps) (50 pages)
Postal Markings Part 6 (Airmail Labels) (49 pages)

Indochina and World War I (added 02/26/2016)
by Ron Bentley

Kingdom of Cambodia Stamps Album Exhibition

The exhibition depicts a complete collection of the stamps and souvenir sheets issued by the Kingdom of Cambodia from 1951 to 1970 with thematic descriptions emphasize on Khmer culture, tradition and history.
Album (PDF) (15.6 MB)
by Eli Moallem

Franchise Militaire stamps
by Ron Bentley

First Flights
1920s Flights
1930-1934 Flights
1935-1939 Flights
1940-1955 Flights
by Ron Bentley

Printable National Liberation Front (Vietcong) Stamp Album Pages (updated June 13, 2015)

The printable album contains pages for all the stamps issued for the Vietcong forces in South Vietnam during 1963-1976. The pages are fully illustrated by high resolution images and include spaces for the stamps. The album contains short introduction and each stamp is accompanied by a short description. The pages fit to A4 paper size so you can print them in your home printer and mount your stamps.
Note: when printing the pages, please choose "none" under "Page Scaling" in your printer instructions (Otherwise, the stamp frames would shrink).

Note: I have created a centered version of the album PDF for storing in document protectors that I can send to collectors need to use this version.

Vietcong_Album_June_2015.pdf by Eli Moallem

Tourism Labels for Indochina (added 07/27/2014)
by Ron Bentley

Native Women Issues
Native Women First Issue Stamps (PDF - 53 pages)
Native Women First Issue Covers (PDF - 77 pages)
Native Women First Issue Stationery (PDF - 45 pages)
Native Women First Issue Red Cross Surcharges (PDF - 31 pages)
Native Women Overprints Stamps (PDF - 26 pages)
Native Women Overprints Covers (PDF - 80 pages)
Native Women Overprints Stationery (PDF - 22 pages)
Native Women Overprints Red Cross Surcharges (PDF - 11 pages)
Unissued Native Women Overprints (PDF - 9 pages)
Local Currency Native Women Stamps (PDF - 67 pages)
Local Currency Native Women Covers (PDF - 131 pages)
Local Currency Native Women Stationery (PDF - 40 pages)
Native Women Officials (PDF - 14 pages)
by Ron Bentley

Far East Expeditionary Force 1
Far East Expeditionary Force 2
by Ron Bentley

Provisional Postage Dues (updated 09/01/2013)
by Ron Bentley

Indochina Slogan Markings
by Ron Bentley

World War II Censorship - Part 1
World War II Censorship - Part 2
by Ron Bentley

Indochina's Hotels
by Ron Bentley

Commerce Stamps
by Ron Bentley

R-D Overprints (updated 09/01/2013)
by Ron Bentley

Expositions & Fairs
by Ron Bentley

Commerce Wrapper Pages
by Ron Bentley

Commerce Postal Card Pages
by Ron Bentley

Commerce Letter Card Pages
by Ron Bentley

Commerce Envelope Pages
by Ron Bentley

Colored Banderole Postage Dues
by Ron Bentley

Black Banderole Postage Dues
by Ron Bentley

Promotion of the Railroad
by Ron Bentley

Commerce Parcel Post Pages
by Ron Bentley

FDCs of the South Vietnam .5, 1, 2, & 6 Dong Issues For The World United Against Malaria Campaign
by Larry Fillion

Kingdom of Laos Stamps Album Exhibition

The exhibition depicts a complete collection of the stamps and souvenir sheets issued by the Kingdom of Laos from 1951 to 1975 with thematic descriptions emphasize on Lao culture, tradition and history. A printable album contains frames and color scans of the stamps and the souvenir sheets, is available on CD
(see sample page).
by Eli Moallem

Album Part 1 (12 MB)
Album Part 2 (12 MB)
Album Aknowledgments & Bibliography (26 KB)

Printable League for the Independence of Vietnam Stamp Album Pages

VietMinh.pdf by Eli Moallem

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